Mule Deer

Latin Name: Odocoileus hemionus

Lifespan Wild: 10 yrs

Lifespan Captivity: 25 yrs

Social Behavior: Social  

Weight: 125-330 lbs

Diet: Herbivore; grass, leaves, ferns, vines, grapes, twigs, cactus fruit, mushrooms, mistletoe

Mating Season: October-November

Gestation: 195-212 days

Litter: 1-4, 2 av

Active: Diurnal/Nocturnal. Morning, evening and moonlight nights 

Notes: Inactive during the day in warm climates (behavioral adaptation to conserve water and maintain cool body temperature)

Distinct bound/leap

Can leap distances up to 8 yards

Runs up to 45 miles/hr

Gray winter coat, yellow/red in the summer

Males shed antlers every year

Seasonal migration

Larger range than the White tailed deer

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