Kenyan Sand Boa

Latin Name: Gongylophis colubrinus

Lifespan Wild: Well into their teens

Lifespan Captivity: 15 yrs+ 

Weight: Up to 2 lb

Diet: Cariniove: rodents lizards nestling

Mating Season: Spring

Clutch: 5-12

Active: Early morning and evening

Northern Three-Lined Boa

Latin Name: Lichanura orcutti

Lifespan Wild: 15-20 yrs

Lifespan Captivity: 30 yrs

Weight: 16 oz

Diet: Carnivore. Will eat small birds, rodents, small snakes and amphibians. 

Mating Season: May-July

Clutch: Usually 6

Active: Primarily nocturnal, dawn and dusk

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